For Up and Over Lift Systems

Large fronts swing up and over the cabinet with AVENTOS HS, giving you easy access to cabinet interiors. Designs with cornice or crown mouldings can be implemented with ease.

Cabinet Dimensions

For cabinet heights of 350 to 800 mm and cabinet widths of up to 1800 mm.

Lift Mechanism

9 lift mechanism types and one lever arm for all applications. Lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets have been designed for symmetrical use.

Light Design of Fronts

Large wooden fronts and large fronts with narrow or wide aluminum frames can be implemented with ease.

Aluminium Frames

Wooden Fronts

Cover Caps

Cover caps come in silk white, light grey and dark grey.

Silk White

Light Grey

Motion Technologies

BLUMOTION gives you soft and effortless closing. You can also combine the lift system with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system – for the entire kitchen or individual applications.

Mitred and Rebated Applications

AVENTOS HS can also be used for mitred and rebated applications. Minor adjustments need only be made to the position of standard fittings.

AVENTOS for Mitred and Rebated Applications

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