Ideas for Beautiful and Practical Kitchens

Kitchen Buying Tips

Kitchens have to withstand the rigours of everyday use. So it’s important that they not only look good but are practical too. Blum has been investigating the needs of kitchen users around the globe for years and are continuously coming up with new ideas on how to make modern kitchens even more practical. Be inspired!

Make your Kitchen Practical

Requirement Research has identified the three key features of a practical kitchen: good workflows (workflow), enough storage space (space) and top quality motion (motion). If you pay attention to all three, your kitchen will suit you and your needs. Blum calls these ideas for practical kitchens ‘DYNAMIC SPACE’.

Optimise Workflows

Think about what utensils you need and where you’ll need them right from the start when planning your kitchen This will save time and shorten distances.

Make Optimal Use of Storage Space

Would you like to coax as much space as possible out of your new kitchen? No problem. Just use the right cabinets.

Easy-to-use Furniture

Opening and closing is child’s play! Practical motion technologies deliver enhanced user convenience to kitchens.

Practical Cabinet Solutions

Functional cabinets make everyday kitchen use easier and use every inch of space available. Keep everything you need for specific tasks together. Choose any one of the tasks below and find the right solutions for your kitchen.

Storing Provisions

Keeping provisions is easy with cabinets that give you ample storage space, clear visibility and easy access to contents.

Clearing Away Dishes and Cutlery

You can swiftly unload the dishwasher if cabinets for cutlery, dinnerware and glasses are close by.

Cleaning, Washing-up and Waste Disposal

Keep cleaning utensils in a pull-out directly under your sink so that nothing clutters up your worktop.


Everything you need for preparing food is kept at the ready between the cooking and cleaning zone.


Pots, pans and cooking implements are kept directly under the hob and immediately at hand.