Kitchen Design and Sales Workshops
DYNAMIC SPACE- Ideas from Blum for practical South African kitchens

Good workflows, enough storage space and top quality motion. These are the three essential features of practical kitchens.
Paying attention to all three features ensures that all of the kitchen users needs and requirements are met.
We call our ideas for practical kitchens ‘DYNAMIC SPACE‘. Be inspired!

We invite you to attend this half-day event which includes theoretical discussion and hands-on practical demonstrations in a DYNAMIC SPACE kitchen, run by our own South African DYNAMIC SPACE specialists.

Booking is essential and is subject to availability.

We can accommodate a maximum of 12 people per session.
A minimum of 6 attendees is required for a workshop to take place.
Group bookings are available, as well as custom workshop dates should you require this for your company or institution.
Workshops are free of charge.



10 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. “I have my whole sales team is now thinking practically and use the Dynamic Space logic in their designs. I love how the Dynamic Space inspired our consultants.”

  2. “The experience of using the kitchen and the demonstration were most effective, as well as the workshop wherein we identified fails and successes in the kitchen….it can be applied in our designs and by experience the use of the space I feel I understand the needs of the user better”

  3. “I would like to extend our warmest thanks for the workshop on Tuesday. The students found it very useful, interesting and entertaining and I look forward to seeing my students use their new insights in the future.”

  4. “Found the information on a person’s movement in a kitchen to be most interesting as it’s not something that I have considered in the past…it was helpful in that is makes one more aware of a client’s actual needs versus aesthetics….”

  5. “We have to thank you. The workshop was very entertaining and informative. And then you provided a lunch as well. We appreciate your investment in our students and the future designers.”

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