MOVENTO – The evolution of motion

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MOVENTO – Concealed runner system

The MOVENTO concealed runner system for wooden drawers and pull-outs, provides an even more precise runner movement, synchronised smooth running action as well as new adjustment options. Low opening forces and a gentle transition to the smooth running action characterise the optimised opening behaviour. Low friction nylon rollers in the roller carriage ensure the smooth running action.

Regardless of how large or heavy the pull-out or how much force is used for closing: Blum’s proven BLUMOTION adapts and always ensures silent and effortless closing.


SERVO-DRIVE – the electrical opening support system – is an option for the MOVENTO runner with integrated BLUMOTION, making opening fascinatingly simple. It is especially practical for handle-less furniture.

MOVENTO is also available in a version with an integrated TIP-ON mechanical opening support system.

  • New quality of motion from opening to closing
  • New 4 dimensional easy setting option for an exact gap design
  • Tool free assembly
  • 40kg and 60kg carrying capacity, excellent sag values and high stability, can be used in many applications
  • SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON enables handle-less furniture
  • MOVENTO runners have the same fixing position
  • The quality lasts for the lifetime of the furniture

Available with the following motion technologies


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