Blumotion- Soft and effortless closing

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BLUMOTION is an innovative soft-close system developed by Blum. The controlled closing system ensures a soft, silent cushioned closing action. Regardless of the closing forces applied, or how heavy it is, furniture closes softly and effortlessly. BLUMOTION is integrated into box and runner systems; hinges and lift systems.

BLUMOTION can simply be added to those hinges without integrated soft close, using clip-on BLUMOTION.

  • Soft and effortless closing
  • Adaptive cushioning system
  • Integrated into all product groups
  • Can be added to hinges without integrated BLUMOTION

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Motion technologies_BLUMOTION_pull-outs

BLUMOTION for soft closing pull-outs

There is no need to hold or guide the drawer or pull-out until it is closed. Simply push and let go and the drawer will close smoothly and softly. There is no banging sound on closing.

Motion technologies_BLUMOTION_lift-systems

BLUMOTION for soft closing lift-systems

The lift-system will close softly and effortlessly. No harsh sounds will be heard as the front gently closes against the cabinet.

Motion technologies_BLUMOTION_doors

BLUMOTION for soft closing doors

Regardless of the closing force, doors will close softly and effortlessly. The dampening effect of BLUMOTION will ensure that doors will close smoothly and without banging against the cabinet.