AVENTOS HK-XS – Small fitting for small, top wall cabinets


AVENTOS HK-XS – Cost effective, compact fitting

The AVENTOS HK-XS fitting is small and narrow. This makes it suitable for small top wall cabinets and even cabinets that have low internal depths eg. above the stove or sink in the kitchen and above the basin in the bathroom. Cabinets can be equipped with either one or two symmetrical lift mechanisms, making it possible to lift larger, heavier fronts.

  • Perfect for smaller top wall cabinets
  • Need only 125mm deep cabinet to work eg above extractor
  • Easy to open and access cabinet interior
  • Stops at any opening position
  • For wooden and aluminium frame fronts
  • Suitable for cornice and crown mouldings
  • Lift mechanisms and front fixings can be used symmetrically
  • CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges for silent and effortless closing
  • Available with TIP-ON
  • Easy and safe assembly; simple fine tunning


Suitable for:

Cabinet heights up from 240mm to 600mm
Cabinet widths up to a maximum of 1 200mm
Interior depth minimum of 125mm

Available with the following motion technologies


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