CLIP-top BLUMOTION – The secret’s inside!

CLIP-top BLUMOTION main pic

CLIP-top BLUMOTION – The ultimate in design elegance

The award-winning CLIP-top BLUMOTION hinge raises performance standards to the highest levels. With innovative technology, BLUMOTION has been seamlessly integrated into the boss. CLIP-top BLUMOTION delivers elegant design and movement precision. New planning options are available with the improved hinge pivot. Every door can now close with one silent and graceful action. CLIP-top BLUMOTION is designed to open and close 200 000 times, for fascinating quality of motion, for the lifetime of the furniture.

  • For optimal function in smaller or lighter doors BLUMOTION can be deactivated
  • With the new 110 degrees hinge, you can now implement thicker doors up to 24mm
  • Thicker doors can also be opened without collision due to the new geometry and it is possible to achieve a smaller door gap
  • Also available for angled hinges
  • Existing CLIP mounting plates can be used
  • Proven CLIP top adjustment feature

Available with the following motion technologies


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Hinge Types

CLIP-top BLUMOTION hinge types