TANDEMBOX Intivo – For Individual style

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TANDEMBOX intivo – Versatile with many design options

TANDEMBOX intivo is a versatile system offering limitless design options for constructing drawers, inner drawers, high fronted pull-outs and inner pull-outs of the highest quality. Make the interior of kitchen furniture unique with TANDEMBOX intivo. The TANDEMBOX runner system with integrated BLUMOTION provides unsurpassed running action as well as silent and effortless closing action for all load bearing classes.

Enhance the drawer sides with either:

BOXCAP – A cap on the drawer side in matching material to create a sleek, uniform design. BOXCOVER – Select a design element from any desired material (eg. glass, wood, leather or stone) by using the BOXCOVER fixing and reveal endless design opportunities.

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Drawer sides are available in silk white and terra black. (Grey and stainless steel are available on special request)

  • Unsurpassed running action
  • Full extension for a good vies and easy access
  • Seamless design (smooth, gap-free transition between BOXCAP/BOXCOVER and drawer side)
  • Nominal lengths from 270 – 650mm
  • 3-dimensional adjustment of the gap design via the drawer side
  • Dynamic load bearing for 30kg and 50kg
  • ORGA-LINE inner dividing system available for TANDEMBOX intivo

Motion technologies_SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS awards

Available with the following motion technologies


Wide range of applications:

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