TANDEMBOX Antaro – Minimalist style meets proven technology

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TANDEMBOX antaro – Clear design lines

TANDEMBOX antaro has a clear style – whether it’s open with a rectangular gallery or as a closed drawer with a design element.
Side design elements can be made from various materials to express unique style eg. glass, wood and metal.

With integrated BLUMOTION, pull-outs close silently and effortlessly regardless of how much force is used for closing.

All the drawer components are colour co-ordinated. Drawer sides are available in four colours – silk white, terra black (Grey and stainless steel drawer sides are also available – orders on special request only)

  • Uniform design for all applications
  • Colour co-ordinated individual components
  • Nominal lengths 270 – 650mm
  • 3-dimensional front adjustment produces precise gap alignment
  • Can be assembled without tools
  • ORGA-LINE inner dividing systems available

Available with the following motion technologies


Wide range of applications:

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