Workflow – Convenience

A well-thought out kitchen can save a lot of work. This is because everything is stored where you need it and within easy reach. This shortens distances and ensures ergonomic work and a good workflow.

For optimal workflows it’s a good idea to divide the kitchen into five zones.


All kitchen types can have optimal workflows
Every kitchen can be divided into five kitchen zones, as above, regardless of size or shape.
For right-handed users, consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation and cooking should be laid out clockwise.
For left-handed users, in the reverse order.
The preparation zone is the main work area and should be a minimum of 900mm wide. This will ensure there is enough worktop space to make cooking easy and enjoyable.


Some kitchen layouts adapted to the South African market


Everything must be easily accessible for simple workflows


Use pull-outs instead of doors

All contents can be seen at a glance.
Access is easy and you no longer need to bend down and dig out things from the back of a cabinet.


Use full extension pull-outs

Drawers and pull-outs can be fully extended to give users clear visibility of all contents, even those right at the back of the drawer.


Ergonomic levels

Organise items according to use.
Certain items are used more than others. It’s a good idea to keep these items at an easy-to-reach level.


ORGA-LINE inner dividers

Organise the interior of your drawers and pull-outs with this flexible inner dividing system.