Space – Optimisation

Practical kitchens have enough storage space. Storage space requirements differ depending on cooking and shopping habits, size of household and lifestyle. Just because you don’t have much space doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having your dream kitchen. You can make use of every centimetre. You can gain plenty of useful storage space by using pull-outs in high cabinets, in the corner or under a sink.

Use every inch of space

Cabinets with greater depth, high pull-outs with closed side panels can create a great deal of storage space, without changing the size of the room.
Using a wide pull-out instead of two narrow ones gains up to 15% more storage space.
Higher pull-outs with closed side panels increase storage space by up to 55%.
Pull-outs with greater depth give you up to 30% more storage space.


Create new storage space with innovative cabinet solutions


SPACE TOWER larder unit

This provides ample storage space and is easy to use.
You can open the inner pull-outs individually and access contents from the front and both sides.
The cabinet comes in various widths to suit your needs.



This is made for the corner and gives ergonomic access.
Small items, such as cutlery, knives and cooking utensils can be kept in drawers ready at hand.


U-shaped sink pull-out

Intelligent use of valuable kitchen space. Everything required for washing up can easily be stored in the pull-out under the sink.
The special U-shaped pull-out uses every inch to the left and right of the sink.

 Use inner dividing systems to help organise space


ORGA-LINE inner dividing systems

This flexible system helps to organise space.
In addition to containers and utensil dividers, the system also includes practical accessories such as the ORGA-LINE knife holder and spice holder.