Motion – Quality

There’s motion, and then there’s motion!

The quality of a kitchen does not depend on surface finishes alone. High-quality fittings technology brings ease of use and quality of motion to kitchens. It makes cooking fun so it’s an important feel good factor. A kitchen can be beautiful AND practical if furniture is easy to open and has a feather-light glide on closing, even when heavily laden.

Electrical and mechanical opening systems ensure high ease of use with handle-less fronts.

A must for every item of furniture: soft-close BLUMOTION



BLUMOTION for doors

Doors of all sizes close softly and effortlessly with BLUMOTION.
The feature can be integrated into the hinge, clipped or screwed on.


AVENTOS lift systems

AVENTOS lift systems open with smooth running action, with infinitely variable opening positions and close
softly and quietly.


Mechanical opening with TIP-ON

TIP-ON gives you one-touch opening for handle-less fronts.
To close, simply press drawers and doors shut.


SERVO-DRIVE electric opening support system

With SERVO-DRIVE, lift systems and pull-outs open with a single touch. And lift systems close again at the
press of a switch.