DYNAMIC SPACE – Ideas from Blum for practical kitchens

Experience shows that a kitchen will last about 15 years or longer. It has to be fit for everyday use. So it’s important that it not only looks good but is practical too. Blum has been investigating the needs and requirements of kitchen users for years. Thanks to this research, Blum continuously comes up with new ideas to make modern kitchens more practical.

What makes kitchens practical?

Blum’s Requirement Research has shown that practical kitchens have three essential features:
Simple workflows, optimal space usage and top quality motion. In short, workflow, space and motion.

DYNAMIC SPACE delivers ideas for practical kitchens. It has well thought out products for top functionality in every kitchen; solutions such as the SPACE TOWER larder unit or the SPACE CORNER cabinet which are tailored to kitchen users’ needs; and know how that can come in handy in the early planning phase. Be inspired!

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