Assembly Devices

Drilling and Insertion Machines, Assembly Devices and Jigs

Blum helps you to assemble all of our Blum products as efficiently and simply as possible. That’s why we offer assembly devices for each of our products. Assembly must be precise to deliver the perfect motion and ease of use that will inspire our customers.


The Multi-purpose Tool

PRO-CENTRE is a fast and effective means of obtaining horizontal and vertical drillings and all kinds of insertions.


The Versatile Tool

Vertical drillings are guaranteed to be accurate with MINIPRESS PRO and will be carried out in no time at all. The pneumatic feed and tool-free adjustment ensure any work is implemented in a highly efficient manner.


The Specialist Tool

Once set, the precise MINIPRESS P is great for drilling patterns you frequently use and also for inserting fittings.


The Mobile Tool

MINIPRESS M is your reliable support for drillings and insertions in the workshop – or directly for the customer on-site.

Assembly Device – ECO DRILL


The compact tool for on-site hinge drilling. The machine can be fully adjusted for hinge pot depth and for off edge boring. This provides precise assembly and vertical drilling. The desired drilling pattern can be produced in no time.


(Assembly Templates)

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