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Volpato accessories for the kitchen and bathroom

Finishing accessories for kitchen and bathroom cabinets:
PVC plinth strips are most suitable for the kitchen area as they cannot get damaged by water. Available in satin, mirror and ‘paintable’ to suit all decor requirements.

Adjustable plastic legs raise the cabinets off the floor thereby preventing water damage to timber carcasses.
The aluminium undersink protects the cabinet interior from dripping water from the sink and from household cleaning agents.

The syphon flex is a neat solution allowing the space below the basin or sink to be used for a drawer. It is u-shaped and accommodates the waste pipe.

PVC plinth stripsmulti-corner jolly


adjustable tubeoval base for adjustable legs without pin

Plinth leg clip strip lenghtplinth leg clip multiplinth leg clip multi thin

aluminium undersink

syphon flex