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The bin itself: Available in a variety of sizes and for many applications. The bins are compatible with one2five hanging frames and the one2top lid accessories. The one2four is also available with a lid cover plate. The lid cover plate is a fixed lid on the inside of the cabinet that can also be used as a shelf. The lid cover plates are available in three sizes 450mm, 500mm and 600mm.

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one2floor free standing

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Free-standing multi-bins for neat storage

Using the one2four multi-bins by simply adding the bins to a pull-out offers a flexible and versatile solution for storage. A clean and hygienic waste disposal is as important as safe storage of cleaning agents and convenient separation of recyclables. A well-engineered and comprehensive range of bins in different sizes and volumes is available, allowing flexible usage in all drawer types. Intelligently and systematically combined as a set, the bins offer individual configurations for many applications. The bins are injection moulded from recyclable polymers and the resistant finish makes the bins easy to clean. Rubber matting can be used in the drawer, if necessary, to prevent the bins from moving. The bins are equipped with practical carrying handles to make removal from the pull-out easy. The system is compatible with the one2top accessory range. A lid cover plate is available for cabinet widths of 450mm, 500mm and 600mm.

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SERVO-DRIVE uno for one2four

Equip the waste bin pull-out with SERVO-DRIVE uno the electrical opening system from Blum and experience perfect motion, hands-free!

SERVO-DRIVE uno from Blum