Drawer Solutions


ninka drawer solutions application1

Suitable for all widths. Designed for Blum TANDEMBOX pull-out systems

An exclusive material mix of translucent plastic and aluminium offering elegance and a fresh appearance. Sophisticated clip connection can be flexibly adapted to different drawer widths. Dividers inside the tray allow optimal space utilisation and cater for individual needs. High-quality material and dishwasher-safe.

cuisio drawer specs

Knife block for the cuisio cutlery tray

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ninka drawer solutions application3

Organises the interior of kitchens. Simple and versatile.

With a two-dimensionally telescopic adjustable frame cuisioFLEX can perfectly adapt to the requirements of any kitchen. Can also be used free-standing to organise items on a countertop. Non-slip rubber feet makes the unit slip-proof.

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ninka drawer solutions application5

Organises the inside of drawers in the bathroom and kitchen

From every day cosmetics to occasionally used items – with banio, everything in the bathroom is perfectly organised and to hand. The basic module with its variable length and width conceals the siphon cut-out and offers a variety of adaptable organisational inserts. Flexible positioning of small, medium and large inserts in the drawer, in pull-outs, in the mirror cabinet, on a shelf or in the kitchen namely the sink cabinet.

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