general accessories - main

Table legs

 dolly tapered leg 100mm  steffi tapered leg 150mm  martina leg 100 x 35mm
 venus leg 150 x 25mm  janet leg 100 x 35mm  lopez leg 150 x 35mm
 serina leg 150 x 50mm  standard leg 710 870 x 60 80mm  wide leg 710 870 x 120mm

Brackets and screws

 B1 angle bracket  B2 angle bracket B3 angle bracket 
 B4 angle bracket  B4 angle metal bracket  B5 angle bracket
 chipboard screws  pozi bits  wall anchors
 blum screwdrivers    


 door bumpers  silicone and acrylic  gas lift 80N and 120N
 shelf support with metal pin  hanging rail 3.5m lengths  46L bin with bracket