Eclipse Company Profile

Eclipse has been in business for over 20 years, starting out with humble beginnings in 1982
by Peter Willis, selling wooden knobs and handles from Taiwan Specco out of a garage in
Norfolk Rd, Durban. With remarkable growth, Eclipse is now a leading supplier of the world
renowned Blum products and has branches in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town,
Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein. Blum manufactures hinge, drawer, pull-out and lift systems as well as assembly devices for furniture fittings and strives to exceed customers' expectations by extensive end user research, focusing on innovation, with a commitment to continually improve on quality and production. In addition to this internationally acclaimed brand, Eclipse offers a diverse range of related products including knobs and handles; post-formed worktops and laminates, with designs inspired by Italian fashion houses; and the supply of contemporary chairs and tables for the commercial and domestic industry. Products are aimed specifically at kitchen and cabinet manufacturers, hardware retailers, designers and architects. Eclipse has the desire to discover new things, meeting the latest trends and keeping their customers inspired.

Eclipse is a national distributor of quality products which are sourced worldwide from
manufacturers who are the forerunners in their respective fields in terms of quality, innovation, function and design. Eclipse is proud of their partnerships with such reputable companies:


Blum – Ultimate Systems for Furniture
Kian – Contract Furniture
Liri – Laminates
Rock – Handles
Saxo –Contemporary Contract Furniture
STOPROC – Table Bases
Taiwan Specco – Knobs and handles
Topalit – Table tops

“Our intention is to become South Africa's premier distributor, offering competitive prices
without compromising quality and service.”